Lawyer Profile

Krystel Ong

Senior Solicitor

Krystel Ong works as a solicitor who predominantly practices in the Family Law Department and has considerable experience with all issues concerning a relationship breakdown including parenting disputes, custody disputes, property settlement and child support.

Krystel is compassionate and is committed to achieving the best outcome for her clients.  Krystel provides legal advice and guidance to clients experiencing a relationship breakdown whilst navigating the family law system with skill and care, consistently getting the right outcomes for each unique situation.

Krystel genuinely understands that the separation process can be extremely stressful and tedious. This is why Krystel takes time to listen, ask questions and explain the process with all her clients.

Family Law matters Krsytel is experienced with include:

Krystel is also experienced in conveyancing and property law matters and Wills and Estate planning and is dedicated to reaching positive outcomes. Krystel understands how important it is to ensure a smooth transaction and offers an attentive, time-effective and friendly service.

Property Law matters Krsytel is experienced with include:

Wills and Estates Law matters Krsytel is experienced with include:-

Victoria Legal Aid and Commonwealth Family Violence and Cross-Examination of Parties Scheme

Krystel has acted in many complex family law matters and regularly assists Victoria Legal Aid family law clients.

Krystel has significant experience with working on matters under the s102na cross-examination scheme for Family Law property/parenting dispute trials.

From 10 September 2019 personal cross-examination is banned by the court in family law proceedings where there are allegations of family violence. In these circumstances, you are unable to cross-examine the other party whilst you are self-represented.

Victoria Legal Aid has been given specific funding to provide legal representation to people to assist them at trial where a ban on personal cross-examination has been made.

Krystel is committed to assisting clients of varied socioeconomic statuses.

Krystel is fluent in Tagalog (a language of the Philippines) and can provide legal advice to Tagalog speaking clients about any of the above matters.  

Krystel completed her Bachelor of Laws and International Relations in 2017 and was admitted to practice in 2018.