Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

At MMH Lawyers our Litigation team works to ensure the best strategic and commercial outcomes in all types of litigation.

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Our solicitors practise across a range of industries, providing advice and representation on disputes arising from matters including: -

Our Litigation team recognises the value of alternative dispute resolution options as an effective and commercial means of reaching resolution and our client’s optimal outcome.  

Notwithstanding that we are commercial litigators, we seek for our clients to utilise alternative dispute resolution options processes wherever possible, to attempt to conclude matters on commercial terms and avoid the expense, uncertainty, stress of ongoing litigation.

Where court action is the best option, or cannot be avoided, we effectively drive the process to best meet the commercial and legal objectives of the client. We are equipped to handle litigation of any size and can represent businesses and individuals in all aspects of litigation, including pursuing or defending court proceedings, and taking steps to resolve litigation on appropriate terms.

We are experienced in all Courts and tribunals in Victoria.

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