Wills and Estate

Wills and Estate

At MMH Lawyers, we have an experienced team across all areas from succession planning to deceased estates.  Whether you have simple or complex Will arrangements (such as, Testamentary Trusts) we are here to help you plan your Will.  We also understand that a person’s death is a complicated and emotional time, however, there are laws and obligations which must be followed, for example where you are a named executor of a deceased’s persons estate you may be required to apply for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court. 

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At MMH Lawyers our experienced team is able to help you with:


A Will is a legal document, and when drafted correctly, sets forth your wishes and intentions in relation to the distribution of your assets, who will care for any minor children you may have and any other intentions you may have with estate once you pass. 

Sometimes planning your Will can be complex and most people like to have a plan in place for what is to happen to their assets and who will look after their loved ones when they pass away—by having a Will in place, this helps your loved ones avoid unnecessary financial and legal stresses. 

Our experienced lawyers will assist you and provide you with necessary advice when considering drafting your Will and ensure you consider necessary factors, such as who are your dependants, allocation of your assets including international assets (where an International Will Certificate may be applicable), whether there has been a second marriage with children from a prior marriage and so on—all factors which can make planning your estate complicated and require careful consideration. 

In addition to preparing your Will, our team can also assist you in preparing Enduring Financial, Medical and Guardianship Powers of Attorney or appointments of Medical Treatment Decision Makes to help you with the current management of your affairs and to provide for your financial and life planning should you lose capacity to do so yourself.


Estate administration is the process of dealing with a deceased person’s estate, including the assets and liabilities of that estate in accordance with the deceased’s Will, or in circumstances where there is no Will, the law.  However, before an executor can deal with estate assets and liabilities, the law requires a grant of probate or letters of administration be obtained from the Supreme Court. 

If you are the executor of a Will or administrator of an estate and require assistance following the laws and rules surrounding the administration of estates, our team is here to provide you with guidance and advice to manage the administration of the estate and can alternatively manage the administration of the estate on your behalf.

We are here to assist you from the simplest administration of an estate to the most complex administration. 

Our team is able to provide you with guidance and advice with:

Disputes and Litigation

A Will can be contested or challenged for the following reasons:

Likewise, the administration of the estate can be contested or challenge for the following reasons:

No matter how simple, or how complex, every matter is important and MMH Lawyers is here to assist you with your needs.

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