Migration Law

Migration Law

MMH Lawyers is here for you, whether you are looking to come and work in Australia or wish to apply for a family visa through your relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

No matter which visa pathway you choose, it is important to obtain advice from a registered migration agent or immigration lawyer to make sure you have the best possible chance of success.

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Our immigration Lawyers can assist with the following Australian visas:

Immigration lawyer consultations for individuals

If you would like to stay in Australia and do not know how and where to start, we are here to help.

Our immigration lawyers are happy to assist you and advise you on your visa options.

Immigration lawyer consultations for Businesses & Companies

Our immigration lawyers can provide business legal support to companies wishing to sponsor employees to work in Australia. We assess visa eligibility, plan immigration pathways and solutions, along with preparing and lodging visa applications, and liaising with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf. And provide adequate advice for corporate clients on their sponsor obligations.

Visa Refusal and Visa Cancellations

A visa application can be refused on several reasons including but not limited to not meeting the visa requirement at the time you lodged the visa application or by the time the decision is made or not meeting character grounds.

We understand that receiving a refusal notice can be distressing and MMH Lawyers can assist you with reviewing the refusal notice, implement a strategy with you and/or assist you with appealing the visa refusal decision.

Some of the grounds which your visa may be cancelled are as follows:-

MMH Lawyers will take you through the visa cancellation process and provide you with advice with respect to your legal rights and any possible appeal grounds.

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